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Parole Officer Arrested for Receiving Drugs from Parolee

A Denton parole officer was recently charged with receiving hydrocodone pills from a parolee and placed in jail. Investigators reported being tipped off that the parole officer was receiving hydrocodone pills from a parolee. The man had recently arranged an unscheduled meeting with a parolee in the parking lot of the office where the man worked. Investigators, however, watched from a distance. This arrest is reported to be part of an ongoing investigation....
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Marijuana Plant Results in Arrest

At the beginning of August 2017, three individuals pleaded guilty and were convicted of activity related to marijuana cultivation. One of the men was sentenced to two years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Another man was arrested during a marijuana raid by Texas law enforcement where law enforcement discovered 4,000 marijuana plants....
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Charges Made After Repeat Instances of Domestic Abuse

Recently, a man was arrested in Denton on assault charges after law enforcement claims the man scratched and assaulted his girlfriends of six months at an apartment. The man was taken to Denton City Jail on outstanding warrants for assault causing bodily injury with no previous convictions and having an open alcohol container in a vehicle. The girlfriend claimed that the man assaulted her about 20 times since they started dating....
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Two Arrested on Drug Charges After Traffic Stop

A man in Denton was recently arrested on drug charges after law enforcement pulled over a vehicle in which the man was a passenger because of outstanding warrants and an expired motor vehicle registration. A woman was also arrested on outstanding warrants due to failure to maintain financial responsibility and not having a driver’s license. The woman’s vehicle was eventually towed from the scene because she did not have insurance....
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Man Arrested After Stripping at Gas Station

Recently in Denton, a man walked into a Shell gas station claiming that he was going to die before taking off all his clothes. Law enforcement reports that the man appeared to be in an altered mental state due to methamphetamine intoxication. While law enforcement gathered the man’s clothes, they found crystal methamphetamine, five prescription pills, and a syringe. The man was transported to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in unknown condition....
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Difficulties in Charging Elderly Drivers with Reckless Driving

Law enforcement in Denton has recently spoken about the difficulties presented in arresting elderly drivers. Recently, authorities pulled over an elderly driver after receiving reports that the driver had been headed the wrong way down a street. The driver ignored commands by law enforcement to roll down the vehicle’s windows and eventually the motorist drove away. The woman was charged with evading arrest....
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The Role of Smell in Marijuana Searches

The smell of marijuana plays an important role in many searches for the drug. This importance was recently highlighted in a case that occurred in the Denton area. Child Protective Services was contacted after a mother left her 3-year-old child inside a vehicle for more than ten minutes. After firefighters opened the car door to rescue the child, law enforcement searched the vehicle based on the smell of marijuana. Even though two small joints (referred to as “roaches”) were found inside the vehicle, the child was reported to be okay and no arrests were made....
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The Elements of a Home Theft Case

A roofer in North Texas faces felony theft charges because law enforcement alleges that the man stole tens of thousands of dollars from homeowners. The roofer in question was arrested by Corinth Police in June on charges of theft of property. Initial claims about the roofer’s conduct, however, began in February when homeowners began to contact Consumer Justice about the roof. There were also six lawsuits initiated against the roofer in 2016....
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U.S. Supreme Court Decides Case that Impacts Laws for Sex Offenders

Texas places several types of restrictions on sex offenders including prohibition on the types of websites they can access. The strength of these laws, however, has come under question after the United States Supreme Court ruled that similar laws in North Carolina violate the First Amendment. It is important for sex offenders to both understand these new laws as well as the restrictions that the state of Texas currently places on sex offenders. The Supreme Court on North Carolina v. Packingham...
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