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The Elements of a Home Theft Case

A roofer in North Texas faces felony theft charges because law enforcement alleges that the man stole tens of thousands of dollars from homeowners. The roofer in question was arrested by Corinth Police in June on charges of theft of property. Initial claims about the roofer’s conduct, however, began in February when homeowners began to contact Consumer Justice about the roof. There were also six lawsuits initiated against the roofer in 2016....
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U.S. Supreme Court Decides Case that Impacts Laws for Sex Offenders

Texas places several types of restrictions on sex offenders including prohibition on the types of websites they can access. The strength of these laws, however, has come under question after the United States Supreme Court ruled that similar laws in North Carolina violate the First Amendment. It is important for sex offenders to both understand these new laws as well as the restrictions that the state of Texas currently places on sex offenders. The Supreme Court on North Carolina v. Packingham...
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The Rights of Law Enforcement in a Domestic Violence Case

A couple was recently placed in jail after getting into a physical altercation at their apartment building. Law enforcement was notified about the incident after neighbors noticed an argument between a man and woman. The man told law enforcement that the woman had bitten him and revealed bite marks. The woman, however, refused to speak with law enforcement. Eventually, both parties grew uncooperative with law enforcement....
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Hit and Run Occurs During Drug Deal in Denton

Early this year, law enforcement arrested an individual in the Corinth area. After arrival at the scene of the crime, law enforcement located a person lying in the driveway of an apartment complex. The victim was likely the result of a hit and run accident. The victim was later discovered to have engaged in an illegal drug deal and run away with the driver’s money without delivering the drugs....
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Fake Invoices and Felony Theft Charges in Texas

The owner of a business in North Texas is facing felony charges. The business owner was recently arrested at home in Denton County after a seizure of the man’s paperwork from the business's former office. The theft in question occurred due to fake invoices that were written to American Eagle for nearly $10,000. Law enforcement reported that the man was involved in a number of claims. Felony theft is considered a serious crime in the state of Texas and can result in serious penalties as well substantial obstacles in one’s occupation....
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Possession of Dangerous Drugs in University of North Texas Case

Law enforcement has conducted its third arrest of a person related to the University of North Texas basketball team. The individual who was arrested was charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and possession of a dangerous drug. In addition to this individual, law enforcement has arrested the team’s former student manager on charges of engaging in criminal activity and possession of marijuana and another former player on marijuana charges....
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Dallas City Council Passes Cite and Release Program

Dallas City Council recently voted to change their existing marijuana laws. A new “cite-and-release” program will no longer result in individuals who are caught with less than four ounces of marijuana being imprisoned. Instead, effective October 1, 2017, law enforcement will no longer arrest individuals for these offenses, but only issue a citation. Individuals in these cases will have their marijuana measured and taken into evidence by law enforcement....
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Man Tased for Resisting Arrest

Denton law enforcement recently used a taser on a patient from a mental health facility who resisted arrest. The facility in question helps individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Law enforcement told the man to leave the street prior to arresting him on a charge of being a pedestrian in a roadway. After being tased, law enforcement took the man into custody. This is just one case of individuals resisting arrest....
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Police Officer Charged With Stalking and Burglary

A recently issued arrest warrant for stalking and burglary charges was made against a Dallas law enforcement officer with cancer. Law enforcement eventually arrested the man at his estranged wife’s house, who has alleged that the man was stalking and harassing her for several months. The man also made comments on social media that made the woman fear for the safety of herself and her children....
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