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Getting a DWI as a minor is a very scary experience. You have your life in front of you; you may be in college, beginning a career, or serving in the military. If you are under the age of 21 and have been charged with DWI in Texas, you face the exact same consequences as someone of legal drinking age. Wheeler Law Office takes a realistic stance on the consumption of alcohol by minors. Access to alcohol is easy and drinking and partying is a way of life at that age. But what happens when you find yourself behind the wheel after a few too many with patrol lights flashing in the rearview mirror? Talk to an attorney with Wheeler Law Office in Denton, TX immediately.

Texas Minor DWI Laws

Texas’s DWI laws are some of the strictest in the country. It is estimated that an alcohol-related crash happens every 20 seconds on Texas roads. Therefore, Texas has enacted stiff DWI laws, especially for minors. These laws are not designed to punish, but they are rather designed to educate minors on how to drink responsibly. The Texas minor DUI law is zero tolerance. If you are pulled over and any amount of alcohol is detected in your body, it is an automatic DUI.

Drinking and driving is an offense that occurs frequently, and the penalties for conviction can be harsh. If you are pulled over, and you have had a few drinks, the most important thing you should remember is your right to remain silent. One very detrimental element in any criminal case is a confession of any kind. But unfortunately, you may already be past that point. If you have already been arrested and charged with an offense, then here are three easy tips for you to follow in order to help prevent any further damage do your case.

As a Criminal Defense Attorney, I get asked this question a lot. First of all, the most important thing to remember is that the police officer is NOT your friend. If the officer begins asking you questions about alcohol consumption, then he/she has already begun his investigation. With any investigation, whether it is for DWI or any other criminal offense, the best advice is: don't say anything and always be polite.

The officer is building a case against you from the moment he suspects that you have been consuming alcohol and operating a vehicle. Every question the officer asks is carefully designed to elicit certain responses which will paint you in a very negative light. Police officers have been trained to ask specific questions in a way that there are no correct answers. You are at a severe disadvantage.

Most likely you have had very little involvement with police and even less involvement when you are the subject of a criminal investigation. Even though you may be very upset that this is happening to you, and not every officer will be polite to you, you must always keep calm and be polite to the officer. The officer has audio and video recording going the entire time. The only point of this video is to potentially show a jury.


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