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Criminal Defense

Law enforcement has conducted its third arrest of a person related to the University of North Texas basketball team. The individual who was arrested was charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and possession of a dangerous drug. In addition to this individual, law enforcement has arrested the team’s former student manager on charges of engaging in criminal activity and possession of marijuana and another former player on marijuana charges. The organized criminal activity in question involves asking two women to exchange sexual services for money. Law enforcement’s investigation began due to a residence hall assistant who reported online that the crimes had occurred at an off-campus apartment. This charge is an example of a case that involves charges of possession of a dangerous drug.

Applicable Law in the State of Texas

Dallas City Council recently voted to change their existing marijuana laws. A new “cite-and-release” program will no longer result in individuals who are caught with less than four ounces of marijuana being imprisoned. Instead, effective October 1, 2017, law enforcement will no longer arrest individuals for these offenses, but only issue a citation. Individuals in these cases will have their marijuana measured and taken into evidence by law enforcement. Additionally, the suspect must provide a thumbprint and sign a summons to show at the Dallas County Courthouse on the specified date. Individuals who decline to attend this hearing will then have a warrant issued for their immediate arrest.

Excluded by request from the program, however, are Collin, Kaufman, Rockwall, and Denton counties. In 2009, law enforcement in Austin was granted a similar option to cite individuals for marijuana rather than perform arrests, provided that the individual later appears in court. With many states revising laws concerning marijuana possession, it is important to understand the recent changes that have occurred in the state of Texas.

Other Important New Marijuana Laws in Texas

Denton law enforcement recently used a taser on a patient from a mental health facility who resisted arrest. The facility in question helps individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Law enforcement told the man to leave the street prior to arresting him on a charge of being a pedestrian in a roadway. After being tased, law enforcement took the man into custody. This is just one case of individuals resisting arrest. When a person is charged with resisting arrest, he or she should contact a talented criminal defense lawyer.

What is Resisting Arrest?

In the state of Texas, law enforcement must satisfy certain requirements to convict a person with resisting arrest. Individuals can be charged with resisting arrest even if the arrest in question was not lawful. Some of the elements that law enforcement will be required to prove to convict an individual include:

  • The person intentionally prevented or obstructed a officer’s duties.
  • The arresting individual must have been known as a law enforcement officer or the person acting on behalf of a law enforcement officer.
  • Force must have been used against the arresting individual.

Examples of Resisting Arrest


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