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Criminal Defense

A recently issued arrest warrant for stalking and burglary charges was made against a Dallas law enforcement officer with cancer. Law enforcement eventually arrested the man at his estranged wife’s house, who has alleged that the man was stalking and harassing her for several months. The man also made comments on social media that made the woman fear for the safety of herself and her children. Additionally, the man broke into his wife’s house and took photographs of the woman. The officer is on administrative leave pending an administrative investigation by law enforcement. Stalking in the state of Texas is classified as a felony that can result in very severe penalties. A stalking conviction can damage an individual’s reputation as well as result in significant fines and even imprisonment.

What is Stalking?

Stalking charges can be made in a variety of situations. In many cases, when a person who engages in behavior that could frighten another individual, a charge of stalking could be made. Texas law defines stalking as behavior that:

At the beginning of April, Denton law enforcement arrested a man who barricaded himself inside the bathroom of a stranger’s apartment. The man was wanted for multiple robberies. The arrest warrant affidavit revealed that the man poked a Subway restaurant clerk with a tire tool wrapped in a rag. Before law enforcement arrived at the scene, the man broke into the door of the apartment, which caused one of the apartment’s residents to call 911. In the state of Texas, robbery related offenses are particularly serious crimes that can result in strict penalties. For individuals charged with these offenses, it is frequently a wise idea to retain the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney.

The Types of Robbery

Robbery involves theft with the use of physical force or fear. Although robbery is considered a crime of violence, a victim does not have to experience actual physical injury for the suspect to be charged with robbery. A significant difference between robbery and burglary is that robbery does not require unlawfully entering a building. The state of Texas classifies robberies in several different ways. These robbery classifications include the following:

An individual was recently arrested in the Denton area on a felony theft charge after law enforcement claimed that he stole approximately $21,000 from the Ponder Fine Arts Booster Club bank account between August 2014 and December 2015. According to a law enforcement arrest affidavit, club members first learned that money was missing from the club’s account at Bank of the West in December 2015 because the account was overdrawn. Club officials then began to closely examine ATM withdrawals and transactions with the account to discover that $21,685.36 was either unaccounted for or missing. Law enforcement has been investigating the case since January 2016, but only recently obtained a warrant for the individual’s arrest. The individual was taken to the Denton County Jail on a charge of property theft between $20,000 to $100,000, which is classified as a third degree felony in the state of Texas. The club has since reorganized and decided to rename the group from the Ponder Band Booster Club to the Ponder Fine Arts Booster Club. New officers have also been named and there is an increased focus in the club on following its bylaws.

When individuals in the state of Texas are charged with theft, it is essential that they retain the services of a skilled criminal defense attorney.

Consequences of Theft Charges


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