He Cut to the Facts of My Case and Won

When my life was turned upside down Alan cut to the facts
and won - extremely knowledgeable, objective & factual. Team Wheeler
navigated my case with a tactful strategy to a dismissal. Cheers Alan! I
interviewed several criminal defense attorneys and selected Alan based on his
confidence and reputation. If you ever find yourself or a family member in
a situation needing a criminal defense attorney - throw all those other
solicitations in the trash and schedule an appointment with Wheeler Law.

Hickory Creek, TX
Kept Me Informed About My Case and Helped Tremendously

I cannot thank Mr. Wheeler enough for everything he has
done to help me. I am so grateful and blessed to have him represent me in my
case. This firm worked very hard and I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Wheeler to
anyone in need of an attorney. This firm always kept me informed about my
case and helped me tremendously. I am so lucky to have had Mr. Wheeler
represent me! He is the BEST attorney out here! He went above and beyond with
my case. I cannot thank him enough for the amazing work he did to help me!

Denton, TX
He Is an Awesome Lawyer

I am very pleased with Mr Wheeler. I think he is an awesome lawyer! He went
above and beyond what I was expecting. And Renita is always very responsive.
I would recommend Mr Wheeler to anyone!

He is Damn Good

I am very happy to write a review for Mr. Wheeler. He is an
exceptional attorney. On the professional front, he is very thorough with the
case details. He can figure out the best approach forward and the most likely
outcome. I have seen him live in the court room fighting a trial. And he is
damn good. He knows how to make it work in his client's favor. With his help,
I was able to bring the truth in front of the jury. And we won the trial. Mr
Wheeler's communication with his clients is very prompt and timely. On the
personal front, I find him endearing. He is humble and friendly. He has
strong ethical values. His paralegal, Renita, is very professional and kind.
I will totally recommend Wheeler Law Office if you need an attorney to help
you out. I wish Wheeler Law Office the very best!

Little Elm
It’s a bird... It’s a plane... It’s SuperWheelerLaw

From the moment of my consultation Alan made me feel as if was he was the
attorney for my case. With this being my first time to go through such a
process he was thorough, patient, and understanding. Renita was/is a very
reliable and sweet person.  They worked out a comfortable payment plan and
kept me informed throughout  the entire process.  I felt Alan went above and
beyond for my case his knowledge and strategies lead to my case being
DISMISSED. I highly recommend Wheeler Law Offices.

In My Book They are the Best

I thought I was going to leave the most enthusiastic review... but others
exceed my abilities !
I can add that Mr. Wheeler and Renita were also EXCELLENT with me about
keeping me informed; they were friendly and compassionate, and I too had
I can not imagine how they could be better... so, in my book... THEY ARE
I wish them the best always and hope to see them again (only in a social
occasion kind of way of course ! ) some day.

The Best Quality...Guidance

Mr. Wheeler and his staff were a blessing from the get go.
The biggest quality I was looking for being a first time offender was
guidance. I was always in the loop with my case and obligations throughout
the entire process. Can't thank you guys enough! Cheers....with non alcoholic
beverages of course :)

Little Elm
Charges Acquitted Within 1 Hour of Juror Deliberation

No words can truly express my gratitude to Mr  Wheeler.
His firm worked countless hours to provide the BEST defense possible! His
knowledge and experience is absolutely phenomenal!  If you are looking for
the best possible legal defense, without a doubt Mr. Alan Wheeler is the way
to go! He is very informative,  prompt,  and knowledgeable to say the
LEAST!!!  Mr. Wheeler represented me for a DWI and with his outstanding
representation I was acquitted of charges within 1 hour of juror
deliberation. I cannot express how important it is to have the best possible
representation available,  and that is Wheeler Law!!!! Thank you again for
your remarkable representation!

Arlington, TX
He more than earned his fee

Just got out of court where Alan defended my son for a DUI
and based on his experience and proficiency in the courtroom was able to
obtain a not guilty verdict, saving my 21 year old son from a potential
lifetime black mark on his record. I just can't say enough about how
expertly Alan presented the case to the jury.  The officer performed an
illegal stop on my son and Alan presented the evidence so effectively it was
never in doubt in my mind; and then 30 minutes later the jury agreed! I don't
think a lesser attorney could have handled the case as well as Alan. He more
than earned his fee for us - highly. Highly recommend his services should you
unfortunately ever need them.

Tom Fox
Highland Village
So happy to have trusted the other reviews on this page

Highly skilled and likable attorney - definitely will be my
first recommendation to anyone who asks. He kept Denton County from walking
all over me.. and WON! So happy to have trusted the other reviews on this
page... definitely saving his number in my phone! His assistant, Renita, was
super friendly too! Best attorney for the worst county in TX!

Rachel J.
The Colony


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